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The Department of Student Services (DSS)

The Department of Student Services (DSS) at the University of Dubai provides a variety of quality programs and activities designed to foster student development, promote retention and enhance the overall university experience

Study Plan


Services and Facilities

  • Computer workspaces
    There are 18 laptops in the library which the students can use for their assignments and research 
  •  Dining services/facilities
    The Core Cafe provides bakeries, grilled, fried food and cold and hot drinks in addition to Starbucks machines and there are vending machines in the campus.
  • Recreational facilities
    We have recreation room which have billiard table, baby-foot table, playstation, chess and domino.
  • prayer rooms
    6 prayers rooms, in each building we have 2 rooms; one for male and one for female.

Student Handbook

  1. Academic Year 2021-2022
  2. Academic Year 2020-2021 
  3. Academic Year 2019-2020 
  4. Academic Year 2018-2019
  5. Academic Year 2017-2018
  6. Academic Year 2016-2017
  7. Academic Year 2015-2016
  8. Academic Year 2014-2015
  9. Academic Year 2013-2014
  10. Academic Year 2012-2013

Students Catalog and Code of Conduct

Campus Violations

Student Campus Violations and Fines To report campus violation use this form: Student Campus Violations Report Form

UD Fact Book

Uncover fascinating facts and insights about UD (University of Dubai) with our Fact Book. From achievements to milestones.

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