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Students’ union

Students’ union

Welcome to the NEW University of Dubai Students’ Union (UDSU) Board!

What is the goal of the UDSU?

The two main goals of the UDSU are to represent all UD Students and to constantly improve UD Students’ experience while studying.

This can be accomplished by advocating UD Students’ needs, organizing events, and supporting and/ or implementing ideas initiated / proposed by students.

What is the Structure of the UDSU?

  • The Top Four students: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. They are elected through a voting system, where all the UD students are eligible. They are the executive authority of the UDSUS, ie: the leaders!.
  • The five Colleges Representatives , who are nominated by the Deans. They are the direct link between the Students and the top Management of their own college.
  • The six OfficersPR, Events and Media. They are nominated by the Top Four and their skills are the key to the good functioning of the UDSU.
For more details, please check the UDSU job’s description

Why should YOU be interested in joining the UDSU?

Being part of the UDSU is not only a title, but mainly an awesome opportunity to develop and practice your PROJECT MANAGEMENT’ skills, such as LeadershipTime ManagementFinancePublic RelationsStrategy, etc.

The proof in a short video done by Ahmed Alrazy (current President of the UDSU) and his team

How can I contact the UDSU?

To contact the UDSU’s members :

What will your next initiative be?

The last UDSU’s board has accomplished nice projects including:

  • Key UD events: International DayClub Fair and Orientation
  • Important CSR events like the Orphan’s Sports’ Day or the Elderly home visit
  • The creation of Women and Youth Councils
  • The creation the UDSU YouTube Channel, with a few nice tutorials!!!
  • The motivation table concept during exams to cheer them up!!!
  • First Aid Training, open to all UD students
  • The massage chair
  • UD meet the President”, where students got the opportunity to meet the President of the University of Dubai, ask him questions, and provide suggestions