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Alumni Continuous Learning Program (ACLP)

Alumni Continuous Learning Program (ACLP)

The Alumni Continued Learning Program (ACLP) is an initiative of an UDAA Board of Directors member approved by University of Dubai (UD) management in 2012. This program aims to provide continuous academic and career support to all of UD alumni and empower them to undertake reskilling, upskilling and deep-skilling efforts to stay relevant in the ever-changing global workforce.

ACLP objectives

To provide alumni the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in a timely, accessible manner through choosing the courses that suit their current career requirements.
To promote learning throughout life.
To establish a continuous professional and social networking system at the University.
To build and expand the current relations with business community inside Dubai and beyond the border.
To bring industry knowledge to the classroom.
To help to retain 40% of alumni and keep them connected to the University all the time.
To increase the number of potential students by 20%.
To promote the university programs (academic and non-academic) through its alumni.

ACLP Benefits

The ACLP benefits both the university and alumni. The ACLP allows the University to:

Maintain long term relationship with alumni.
Alumni will share great ideas with faculty member.
Collaborate with alumni to conduct more research for problem solving.
Strong tool to promote the Graduate Programs and other educational and Executive Development programs among the alumni.
Source of Industry Information to be used as Case Studies.
Enhance partnership with organizations (graduates’ employers). • Boost the university CSR efforts.
Secure new funding scheme to alumni activities.
UD alumni benefit from participation in the ACLP by:

Receive lifelong education and knowledge.
Enjoy additional courses at a discounted rate
Increase their networking.
Maximize their career success.
Create opportunities to engage in innovative problem-solving.
Make business deals.
Develop new skills.
Explore new learning opportunities.
Join UD Academic and Executive programs.
Participate in UD events and programs, such as ASMP, Guest Speaker, etc.
Course Regulation
All UD alumni from the different programs are eligible for ACLP courses. Alumni can register in ACLP courses for Academic Programs (UG, Graduate excluding Ph.D.) and Center of Executive Development programs (CED).

Academic courses

  • ACLP applicants who are interested in academic courses (UG & G) are entitled to take up to 4 courses within an Academic Year and 12 courses within 3 years’ period.
  • ACLP participants are not bounded by the course absence policy and are not required to take course assignments or exams.
  • ACLP participants are expected to attend, learn from the course, and share their industry knowledge with the UD students.
  • A certificate of attendance is given to ACLP participants upon completion of the course should they attend 70% of the course.
  • CED Courses
  • ACLP applicants who are interested in CED courses can take 1 course per Academic Year at an attractive discount. *Terms & Conditions apply.
  • ACLP participants are required to comply with the attendance policy for the chosen professional certificate as per the governing body.
  • ACLP participants are required to submit assignments and attend exams as per the requirements of the chosen course.
  • ACLP candidates are entitled to earn related certificate upon compliance with the above-mentioned conditions.



Registration for ACLP courses is done through the Alumni Relations Office in coordination with the Registration Dept. and CED.
Enrollment in ACLP is done on a first-come-first-serve basis.

ACLP Evaluation

At the end of each academic year, alumni participating in the ACLP will be asked to complete a comprehensive evaluation of the program