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ìAnti- Money Launderingî Sparks Thorough Discussions at UD


ìAnti- Money Launderingî Sparks Thorough Discussions at UD

DSC_7163 DSC_7174 A series of lectures on ìAnti- Money Launderingî is being held throughout February, 2017 at the College of Laws at the University of Dubai. This lecture series is intended to highlight the practical challenges in implementing Anti-Money Laundering Laws/Regulations and thereby enlighten and generate informed debates. Hence, all of these lectures, which are conducted by experienced practitioners, would inevitably benefit both academics & professionals. As part of this series, the first lecture was conducted by Lt. Colonel Dr. Juma Ali Khalifa Al Rahoomi, Dubai Police who focused mainly on Money Laundering Law and Practice ñ Challenges and Successes in the UAE/Dubai. On a larger scale, the talk shed lights on the complex issue of Money Laundering from the perspective of the investigation team and brought out facts which would be unavailable in PRINT. The next talk in this series has been announced ñ is to be held on 13th of February, 2017 at UD.