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Dr. Islam Faisal Abdul Rahman Bourini

Dr. Islam Faisal Abdul Rahman Bourini

Director – PhD Programs



Dr. Islam Faisal Abdul Rahman Bourini is a distinguished academic, researcher, and thought leader in the field of strategic management. With a portfolio that spans pedagogy, scholarly research, editorial responsibilities, and academic administration, Dr. Islam's contributions are invaluable to the advancement of business administration and responsible management education. Dr. Islam earned his PhD in Strategic Management from the highly-regarded Tenaga Nasional University in Malaysia. His educational journey has equipped him with the skills and knowledge to contribute significantly to his chosen field.

In his role as an Associate Professor, Dr. Islam has nurtured the minds of both undergraduate and graduate students, covering an expansive curriculum in business administration. His teaching focuses on vital subjects such as Strategic Management, Quality Management, Leadership, and Operations Management. His pedagogical methods are deeply rooted in the integration of theory and practice, making him an invaluable asset in academic circles.

An active research scholar, Dr. Islam has an impressive array of publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences indexed by Scopus. His research encompasses a multitude of areas within management, including strategic management, innovation, leadership, and green practices. Also, Dr Islam is involved in addition to his teaching and research, Dr. Islam held the role of Managing Editor for two prestigious academic journals based in Malaysia for a span of three years. His editorial responsibilities reflect his broad expertise and ability to contribute substantively to the academic community. Further widening his sphere of influence, Dr. Islam is an active member of the steering committee in the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) at the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) level. This role speaks volumes about his commitment to the advancement of responsible management education and sustainable practices. Marking another milestone in his illustrious career, Dr. Islam was recently appointed as a Director of a Ph.D. program. This appointment is a testament to his academic leadership capabilities and commitment to fostering advanced research and educational excellence.