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University of Dubai Hosts the 18th GBATA Conference


University of Dubai Hosts the 18th GBATA Conference

dsc_0550 dsc_08631 The University of Dubai and the Dubai hosted the 18th Annual International Conference of the Global Business and Technology Association (GBATA) on October 19, 2016 at UDís campus in Dubai Academic City. As a keynote speaker at the conference which started on October 16 at Sheraton Hotel in Dubai, UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki delivered a presentation discussing the ìFuture Trends of ICT in Creating Smart Citiesî. During his presentation, Dr. Al Bastaki highlighted the significant role of effective leaders in building a smart city while quoting the leaders and founders of the UAE. He also uncovered the key elements for innovation and sustainability which include education, research, cooperation, human potential, and many others. Under the theme ìExceeding the Vision: Innovate, Integrate and Motivateî, the conference this year aimed at tackling certain critical issues and challenges facing public and private industries and organizations.