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University of Dubai Joins Hands with ROI Institute to Host Professional Workshop on ëROI Methodologyí


University of Dubai Joins Hands with ROI Institute to Host Professional Workshop on ëROI Methodologyí

ROI PHOTO 2 Scientific evaluation of returns on investment is imperative to success, says Dr. Al Bastaki Dubai, UAE; August 18, 2015: The Centre of Executive Development (CED) at the University of Dubai has joined hands with the ROI Institute to host a professional workshop on ROI (Returns on Investment). The five-day workshop, to be held from September 13 to 17, 2015, will lead to the participants receiving a certification on ROI Methodology.ô A globally acknowledged certification, it is specifically designed for managers and Human Resources specialists to educate them on measuring ROI of different programmes and thus contributing meaningfully to the financial bottom-line of the organisation. Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, said: ìWe are committed to providing professional training and development programmes to benefit the public and private sector entities in the UAE. Scientific evaluation of RoI is imperative to the success of any entity, and our specialised programme on ROI will significantly enhance the skills of executives and contribute to the all-round growth of the organisation.î Dr. Vidya Nandagopal, CED Director at University of Dubai, said: ìThe workshop is specifically focused on measuring RoI on HR investment as well as on technical, IT, compliance and sales training programmes, empowerment initiatives, leadership development workshops, talent management and recruiting. The ROI Methodologyô applies to facilitator-led programmes, blended-learning programmes, and e-learning programmes as well.î The programme has been designed to provide all necessary skills to evaluate and measure the contribution of various training, recruitment and talent building initiatives, in addition to providing the participants with a detailed and first-hand experience on RoI management. They will be familiarised with the various standards and protocols that are used in reporting the results using the scientific ROI Methodologyô. The workshop will be conducted by Jack Phillips, Chairman, and Patti Phillips, Chief Executive Officer of the ROI Institute. Jack Phillips is a world renowned expert on accountability, measurement and evaluation, and has provided consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and other global entities. Patti Phillips, who also holds the Presidential position of the ROI Institute, has helped organisations around the world in the implementation of the ROI Methodologyô. Her work in the field of ROI has been featured on CNBC, EuroNews, and over a dozen business journals. Jack Phillips said: ìThere are a multiple benefits that the workshop offers to its enrolled candidates. Besides the learning aspects, all individuals acquire a strong understanding to increase their commitment levels and help build relationships with key stakeholders.î Upon completion of the ROI Methodologyô programme, the participants will be awarded with prestigious and valuable Certified ROI Professional designation.