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Dr. Habib Al Mulla Discusses the History of UAE Laws at University of Dubai


Dr. Habib Al Mulla Discusses the History of UAE Laws at University of Dubai

IMG_0054 IMG_0031 The College of Law at University of Dubai (UD) organized its ì2nd LLM (Master of Laws) Annual Dinnerî on September 5th, 2016 at UDís new campus in Dubai Academic City to discuss the significance of developing a legal strategic framework for the College of Law at UD in specific and UAE in general. This yearís event was attended by UD president, students, alumni, faculty, deans, legal scholars, arbitrators, judges, and members of the business community. The event also featured keynote speaker Dr. Habib Al Mulla, Chairman, Baker & McKenzie Habib Al Mulla, who approached the topic from a historical perspective in which he focused on the UAEís Common and Civil Laws. Dr. Mulla also praised various beneficial developments and attempts in advancing the UAEís law, yet, called upon modifying laws dealing with commerce and trading so that they could cope with other advanced countries on the economic front. ìI urge all LLM students to research and delve deeper into legal issues and studies in order to become solid assets of the country,î Dr. Mulla concluded. UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki welcomed the attendees and congratulated the Faculty of Law for initiating this step toward achieving competence and efficacy among its teachers and students. ìOne more time, UD successfully continues with its efforts to develop and enhance the legal community in Dubai and the UAE through maintaining quality education,î Dr. Al Bastaki added. He continued: ìAt UDís College of Law, students are expected to graduate with a high potential of getting into top jobs and positions in a globalized, diverse, and professional marketplace.î In his conclusion, Dr. Al Bastaki highlighted the fact that society always needs up-to-date legal research methods and modernized strategic plans. Thus, UD is looking forward to establishing a credible platform through its accreditations, faculty, and students. During his speech, the Acting Dean of UD College of Law Dr. Mohammad Rababía introduced the LLM Program with its goals, objectives, vision, and mission. ìSince Dubai is a hub for investments into real estate and services, our present programs (at UD) have been designed to cater specifically to this market,î stated Dr. Rababía. ìUD recognized that there is a shortage of local manpower, well-versed in settling disputes arising from these investments and the illegal activities that could arise as a result of these investments, hence the University taken up the task of creating this manpower. Thus, we offer two LLMs delivered in English, one focused on Arbitration and Dispute Resolution and the other on Financial Crimes and Money Laundering,î he concluded. The UD LLM program has been designed to fully prepare graduates for successful careers in both legal and non-legal organizations. The program is also geared to enhance the studentsí legal critical thinking, communication, and other essential skills.