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Mr. Mikdadiís Appointment as Inaugural Chairman, Future CEO Program Receives Full Endorsement from the CEO Institute


Mr. Mikdadiís Appointment as Inaugural Chairman, Future CEO Program Receives Full Endorsement from the CEO Institute

Alaa The CEO Institute, Head Office in Melbourne, Australia, endorsed the University of Dubaiís appointment yesterday of Mr. Ala Mikdadi, a faculty member at University of Dubai (UD), as the inaugural Chairman of its Future CEO program, recently launched at UD. Mr. Mikaddi was the first business leader in UAE to be awarded the Certified CEO designation by The CEO Institute, the first global certification body for CEOs and senior executives.† Mr Mikdadi expressed his gratitude to UD and The CEO Institute who exerted efforts in launching the Future CEO program in UAE bringing these two great institutions together under one umbrella for this unique leadership development initiative. ìWe aim to establish a reliable and reputable certification program to raise proficiency and professionalism at all leadership levels in UAE,î commented Mr. Mikdadi. He said he is looking forward to Chairing his first group adding that ìa key aspect of the program is the presentation of real business challenges and opportunities as well as critical problem solving to achieve optimal outcomes in an environment built on trust and confidentiality. Commenting on Mr. Mikdadiís selection, UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki said: ìI believe that Mr. Mikdadiís appointment is a fruitful step toward a successful future for this program that is needed in UAE and GCC area in which high-profile positions can make a difference.” The CEO Institute developed the Future CEO program and took it far beyond the borders of Australia to University of Dubai. The program aims at providing the next generation of business leaders with the skills, knowledge and contacts they require for a successful business career. ìMr Mikdadi comes highly recommended by UD and, as an experienced General Manager from a financial and operational background, a track record of leading business turnarounds to deliver profitable growth as well as a passion for continuous professional development, Mr Mikdadi is poised to make an invaluable contribution to the 1st group and the program,î commented Ms. Esme Alfred, Global Manager – Certification & Licensing at The CEO Institute.