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Orientation Day and Club Fair Spring 2018

Ahmad Selfie
EnglishStudent Services

Orientation Day and Club Fair Spring 2018

Last week at University of Dubai (UD) was Orientation Day for freshmen registered in Spring semester.

The event was organized by Department of Student Services (DSS) with aim to introduce UD community to newly joined students.

Short welcome speech was delivered by Provost, Dr. Geoffrey Gachino and Director of Student & Alumni Affairs, Ms. Amina El Marzak.

Freshmen learned what they can expect at UD and learned about different departments that they will visit frequently during their period of study.

To make it more fun DSS included Club Fair with Orientation Day this time. Leaders and representatives of Students’ Union together with Environmental, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Gaming, Emirati, Palestinian, Syrian, Jordanian, Lebanese and Egyptian club were happy to present their activities and use this event to gain new members.
Women’s Council was introduced for first the time at University of Dubai as an initiative of Students’ Union targeting only female students.

Official partners for this event were Personal20 Fitness Studio, Global Village, Virtual Worlds, Go Organic, Kiwi app and Rwanda Consulate.

Thank you all for attending!