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Student Services Department Launches University of Dubai Model United Nations 2021

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Student Services Department Launches University of Dubai Model United Nations 2021

Following the success of the Debate Club, the Student Services Department announced the launch of the University of Dubai Model United Nations 2021 (UDMUN 2021) during an online conference through Zoom.  More than eighty people attended the conference, originating in at least twenty-one countries including the UAE, India, USA, El Salvador, the UK, Greece, Morocco, Nigeria, and many other nations covering at least four continents. 

The conference was organized under the theme of Sustainable Development Goals. As a Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME Champion signatory), the University of Dubai (UD) attempts to achieve the SDGs at any given opportunity.

UDMUN2021 was organized by the president and vice-president of the UD Debate Club, Tariq Hindash and Mohamed Ahmed. They were Co-Secretary Generals of the conferences along with the Deputy Secretary General, Hafiza. 

Hindash said: “We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, Ms. Gina Karlin, Mr. Haitham Al Maaini, and Mr. Matthias Leterme who made all this possible.” 

UDMUN 2021 included four committees that covered important worldwide topics. UN Security Council, UN Environment Programme, World Health Organization, and the Disarmament and International Security committee. 

During the conference, three participants won cash prizes in a quiz game; Saad Hamed won 300 AED for winning first place while Lucas Patterson and Khushi Ruparel won 100 AED each for completing the podium. Two moderators won the Best Chair Award and were rewarded with 250 AED each, Hidaya Tlemcani as chair of UNEP and Michal Kisel as chair of DISEC. Furthermore, S. Daanish Omeir Alvi, Ahmed Mohammed Tofiq, Durgesh Jha, and Nawshad Naasir Ahamed were rewarded 500 AED each for their efforts in winning the Best Delegate award in their respective committees.