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The Alumni Relations Office Collects AED 600,000 During Its 6th Charity Suhoor 

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The Alumni Relations Office Collects AED 600,000 During Its 6th Charity Suhoor 

The Alumni Relations Office at the University of Dubai (UD) organized its 6th Annual Charity Gala Suhoor in cooperation with Beit Al Khair society, during which it collected donations that amounted to 600,640 dirhams. The initiative aimed to support financially disadvantaged students from various nationalities and backgrounds. 

The Suhoor was organized in the presence of Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki President of the University, Dr. Hussein Al Ahmad Vice President for Academic Affairs, deans of colleges, graduates, students, Mr. Hisham Al Shirawi, Board member of Dubai Chamber, sponsors, and philanthropists.

Dr. Al Bastaki said in the event that during  the Holy month of Ramadan, a Muslim must donate money for needy people and contribute with his zakat. “The teachings of the Islamic religion encourage tolerance, peace, caring and giving,” he added. 

He also pointed out that education is a right for every student who seeks knowledge without exceptions, and that whoever fails to pay tuition fees does not lose his right to education. “We must all take the initiative to donate and help students overcome their financial obstacles, pursue their studies, and stay focused on their learning,” he said. He urged attendees  to help students complete their studies and engage in community service.

Saeed Mubarak Al Mazrouei, Deputy Director General of Beit Al Khair Society, said that the University of Dubai collects donations for the Alumni & Friends of UD Scholarship Fund in cooperation with the Beit Al Khair Society. He also elaborated further on the significant role of the University in supporting students on all levels. 

Amina El Marzak, Director of Internship & Career Development Center and Alumni Relations Office, highlighted the significance of organizing the Annual Gala Suhoor to support and inspire the students’ educational journey. “The event comes within the framework of the donation campaign launched by the University of Dubai’s Alumni Relations Office. The campaign, which is licensed by theIslamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) in Dubai, targets students, graduates and employees of the University of Dubai as well as its partners from government institutions and private companies,” she said. 

The Suhoor also included lectures delivered by Dr. Mohammed Eyada Al Kobaisi Grand Mufti of the IACAD in Dubai, and by Sheikh Ahmed Saad, Imam and Scholar, entitled “The importance of donating to charitable activities and the importance of knowledge,” during which they both emphasized the virtues of Ramadan, as well as the importance of charitable work, tolerance, generosity, compassion and caring for the less fortunate people.

During the ceremony, sponsors and supporters were honored for their contribution to the charity event.