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The University of Dubai Offers More than 16 Scholarships for Citizens and Residents 

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The University of Dubai Offers More than 16 Scholarships for Citizens and Residents 

The University of Dubai (UD) is offering more than 16 scholarships and discounts to new applicants, citizens and residents, signing up for the spring semester, which started last Saturday. The scholarships and discounts are applicable to UD’s bachelor’s and master’s programs. 

These discounts come within the framework of the University’s role in facilitating education and knowledge for new generations without earning profits in the attempt to reduce the financial burdens on parents.  

The University announced the opening of its registration period and scholarship applications for those willing to enroll in its programs and assigned the free number 800863 for communication purposes with the registrations department.  

President of the University of Dubai Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, identified the key factors that distinguish these scholarships in the way they boost UD’s newly introduced programs and encourage outstanding students to pursue their education despite the financial challenges. “This comes in line with the University’s mission, vision and strategic plans to meet the needs of the highly competitive future marketplace,” Dr. Al Bastaki said. He added that opting for these scholarships and programs which are compatible with UAE’s 50 years plans would enable students to keep up with the digital transformation in the business world. “The University welcomes new students during the new academic semester to its colleges, which include the Dubai Business School, the College of Engineering and Information Technology, and the College of Laws,” he said. 

8 specializations 

Dubai Business School offers undergraduate programs in 8 majors, including Management, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Customs, while the college provides a master’s degree in 5 majors, namely Business Administration, Marketing and International Business, Leadership and Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain and Logistics.

As for the doctorate, the college offers 4 majors, including Management, Accounting, Finance, and Human Resource Management.

Moreover, the College of Engineering and Information Technology offers programs for bachelor’s studies in Information Technology, Information Security, Electrical Engineering in Communications, and Electrical Engineering in Energy and Power, while the master’s degree includes Data Science, which is one of the latest master’s programs offered by the University, which corresponds to the country’s directions towards digital transformation and expansion in the areas of artificial intelligence applications.

Furthermore, the College of Laws offers a master’s degree in dual disciplines, Financial Crimes and Money Laundering, in addition to Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.

Samar Mahmoud, Head of Students Recruitment & Admissions, explained that the scholarships offered by the University, include more than 16 discounts three of which are full grants for all years of study under the name of the Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as a tribute to his name and gratitude to the people of the country. She added that the University is also offering partial scholarships for citizens to study Communications Engineering, a 50% discount on tuition fees for all students who have achieved 90% or above in high school for undergraduate students from inside and outside the country.

 She pointed out that there are many other scholarships and various discounts, including grants from the Ministry of Education and from the UAE businessman Adel Al-Kamel for five outstanding students who score 95% or more in addition to 50% for children of retired citizens, 10% for citizens and children of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and those who work in the government or have a brother or sister studying at the University and 20% for people with determination and many others. She added that the University also grants special offers for card holders including but not limited to Dubai Police ESAAD Card holders, which has been renewed this year with new discounts at high rates on undergraduate and graduate programs, and the renewal included raising the discount rate from 30 to 35 % on undergraduate programs, and from 15 to 20% on master’s programs, and 15%-30% for Homeland Protectors card holders, Absher, Fazaa, Wafer, university employees, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority and their first degree relatives and many other savings cards. 

“Frontliners are also offered special discounts and  full scholarships to study master’s in Data Science, and granted financial support through the Scholarship Funds for Graduates that were established by the Alumni Affairs Office at the University,” Samar said.