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UD Debate Club receives Awards at Local and International Conferences

Debate Club receives Awards

UD Debate Club receives Awards at Local and International Conferences

The University of Dubai’s (UD) Debate Club members participated and received awards during the AUDMUN 2021, SUADMUN2021 (Paris-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi), LIMUN2021 (London International), and ERASMUN 2021 (Rotterdam) conferences. MUN is a simulation of the United Nations, it aims to provide students from various universities and backgrounds with an opportunity to play the role of delegates representing organizations linked to the United Nations and attempt to solve their real-life issues. While participating in multiple MUNs the UD delegates showcased their communication, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills while engaging in current global issues.

Four of UD’s Debate Club members were given awards in AUDMUN2021: Best Orator for Rubalavanyan Vamadeva, Honorable Mention for Shehanaz Amiroon, Best Committee Award for Mohamed Ahmed and Best Small Delegation for University of Dubai (Tariq Hindash as student-advisor).

Rubalavanyan managed to win two more awards: Most Diplomatic in SUADMUN2021 and Best Delegate in ERASMUN2021. The Honorable Mention award was given to Shehanaz again at SUADMUN2021 and to Tariq at LIMUN2021.

Commenting on these significant achievements, UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki congratulated the students for winning the awards and participating in these conferences. He also highlighted the importance of enhancing the students’ skills through such international conferences that help them become more confident public speakers, learn new skills, become acquainted with global issues and meet new people.

Ms. Gina Karlin, Debate Club Advisor and lecturer at UD said: “All of the achievements of UD’s Debate Club would not have been possible without such dedicated members, especially Tariq, the President, and Mohamad, the VP. Moreover, the club has received generous support from the Department of Student Services to attend national and international competitions. Watching these students research, think critically and devote their weekends to debating current global issues from various perspectives is truly admiring and inspirational.”

In addition to attending debate competitions, the club has also been very active on campus as they have organized an intercollegiate debate with UAEU, arranged a Debate 101 workshop, and have held various competitions to engage all UD students. In the future, the club plans to arrange other practical skill-based workshops (e.g., interview and CV writing) for UD students, she added.