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UD Hold Its First Alumni Annual Dinner for Its Law Graduates 

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UD Hold Its First Alumni Annual Dinner for Its Law Graduates 

The University of Dubai (UD) held its first LLM Alumni Annual Dinner for its College of Laws graduates. This event, which is going to be held on an annual basis, is the first reunion gathering and networking  for the alumni of the College of Laws at the University of Dubai. The dinner was organized by the College of Laws and UD Alumni Relations at the University to enhance the Alumni- College relationship, encourage and boost alumni in promoting university-related activities as well as to provide a platform for alumni to exchange their experiences and enjoy their time together while learning about new career opportunities. 

During the event, which took place at Giardino Restaurant at Palazzo Versace Dubai, more than 37 people attended the dinner including LLM alumni, UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, UD Provost Dr. Hussain Al Ahmed, Dean, College of Laws Dr. Mohammad Rababa, Director of the Internship & Career Development Center and Alumni Relations Office Ms. Amina El Marzak, UD Alumni Association Secretary General Nasser Al Abdool, UD Alumni Association Vice President Ali Angizeh, UD Alumni Association member Ahmed Al Falasi and many others. 

UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki said that the Alumni Association at the University of Dubai aims at supporting its graduates and creating a liaison between the University and its alumni. “This dinner for our LLM students is special because it shows how much we value, appreciate and respect our law graduates,” he added. He also highlighted the importance of holding such events to foster the connection between UD and its law alumni who have already proven their capacities, professionalism, efficacy and efficiency at their workplaces. 

Dr. Mohammad Rababah, Legal Counsel to the President and Director of the College of Laws at UD, said that the University of Dubai has become a well-established educational hub in the fields of law. Dr. Rababah said that UD’s programs have been designed to cater specifically to a rapidly growing market. “The College of Law has recognized a shortage in local manpower, well-versed in settling disputes arising from big investments and the illegal activities that could arise as a result of these investments. Hence it devised two tracks one on Arbitration and Dispute Resolution and the other on Financial Crimes and Money Laundering to meet the market needs,” he added.

  Ms. Amina El Marzak said that “any universities’ alumni are its valuable resources and key to its growth and advancement. We are very proud of our LLM alumni for sure as they are our loyal ambassadors.” She added: “We have alumni who came all over the way from Canada and other countries to attend the event. It’s always thrilling to meet and catch up with our alumni at the professional and personal levels.”