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UD Launches Tuition-Free Courses for High-schoolers


UD Launches Tuition-Free Courses for High-schoolers

The University of Dubai (UD) is launching a tuition-free preparation courses program for High School students to get them ready for University entrance.
This program enables school students to experience university life by enrolling in 1 or 2 tuition-free preparation courses with UD students and becoming familiar with their learning environment.

The program, which is recommended by the Ministry of Education (MOE), includes the following courses: Pre-English, Pre-Math, English I, Mathematics I, Computer Applications,  Emarati Studies (English co-requisite) and Islamic Studies. The program is open to all students in Grades 11 and 12 in the High School without any age limitations as well as for students who are currently studying in the UAE.

UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki said that “our role is to facilitate education despite the situation and offer help for school students who ought to sign up for university courses.” He added that this opportunity provides an incredibly important aid to the student’s experience and enhances their learning journey.

Samar Saeed, who is in charge of the Admission and Recruitment Department at the University, said that this initiative aims at enhancing the University’s culture of high school students by merging them with existing students. “This will help to provide them with scientific and practical experience and overcome the barrier of fear as they move to the University,” she added.