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UD Organizes Its 1st Annual Dinner for MBA and PhD Graduates in Business Administration

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UD Organizes Its 1st Annual Dinner for MBA and PhD Graduates in Business Administration

The Alumni Relations Office at the University of Dubai (UD) organized its first annual gathering for graduates of MBA and PhD in Business Administration. The event aims to foster connections with UD alumni, strengthen their relationships as well as encourage them to communicate continuously and learn about the activities related to the University.

The event, which was held at Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai, was attended by UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Hussain Al Ahmad, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs Dr. Nasser Al Muraqab, Dean of Dubai Business School Dr. Udo Christian Brandle, Director of Internship & Career Development Center and Alumni Relations Office Amina El Marzaq, Secretary General of the University Alumni Association Nasser Al Abdoul, a member of the Association’s Board of Directors Ahmed Al Falasi and many others. The gathering also witnessed the participation of  more than 160 graduates of master’s and doctoral programs in Business Administration in addition to professors, administrative staff and faculty members. 

In his welcome speech, Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki praised the Alumni Association and its pivotal role in supporting its graduates and building a liaison between alumni and the University. He also announced the launch of a user-friendly and interactive application for the association that can be used on a desktop or a mobile phone. “The application provides a multifunctional platform through which graduates can communicate with their former colleagues, publish their projects to establish companies, conduct scientific research, learn about the jobs available in the marketplace and organize events in their areas of specialization,” he said. 

He also expressed his appreciation and respect for the graduates who have proven their ability and competence in their workplaces both on local and international levels. “The University is keen to support its alumni by all means whether through advice, research centers or platforms and administrative consultations with the UD family,” he added. He ended his talk by mentioning how proud he feels to see UD graduates shining and thriving in the labor market and the UAE society.

On behalf of the graduates, UD PhD Graduate Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki delivered a speech in which he stressed on the success of individuals and alumni who represent their universities wherever they go around the world.  “Education is the greatest weapon that helps generations achieve their goals and aspirations with the supervision of wise leaders who do not know the impossible,” Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki said. 

Dr. Hussain Al Ahmad commended the Alumni Relations Office members for their dedication to helping students and alumni. He said that “we are proud of our graduates because they are loyal ambassadors for us at home and abroad, and we are always happy to meet them and keep up with their professional achievements.” 

Dr.  Udo Christian Brandle said that the University has become a well-established educational center in the fields of Business Administration as its programs are locally and internationally accredited and designed to meet the needs of the rapidly-growing market. He added: “It was a pleasure to welcome back the DBS Alumni for this wonderful event and learn about the careers they are pursuing. In today’s business environment, being successful is a must. DBS will always be there for its graduates. Alumni originates from the Latin word “alere”, which means grow. Let’s grow together.“

In her speech, Amina El Marzak highlighted the capabilities and capacities of the graduates who are a valuable resource and a key factor to the growth and progress of the University, in specific, and society, in general. She indicated that the Alumni Relations Office continues to support UD graduates through various programs and events.

During the ceremony, the first three graduates of UD’s doctoral program Dr. Nasser Al Muraqab, Dr. Hanan Abdullah Al-Marzouqi and Dr. Abdul-Moneim Saleh Al-Shehhi in addition to the first three graduates from the master’s program namely Hisham Khaled, Silwana Adnan and Abdullah Hassan Al-Balushi were rewarded with giveaways and special gifts. 

At the end of the ceremony, a raffle draw for valuable prizes was held.