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Dr. Geoffrey G. Gachino

Dr. Geoffrey G. Gachino

Assistant Professor - Chair, AACSB Committee

+971 4 2242 670

+971 4 5566 902

Dr. Geoffrey Gachino has until recently served as the Provost and Chief Academic Affairs Officer at the University of Dubai. He also served previously as the Dean in the Dubai Business School. Prior to joining the University of Dubai, Dr. Geoffrey worked with United Nations University (UNU) and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). He had also served at the Ministry of Planning and National Development (MPND) in Kenya. He Joined University of Dubai in 2007/2008 academic year. His research interest includes innovation management, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and technology transfer, technological spillovers, capability development, competitiveness and catching up in late comer economies. His research work has appeared in major international journals such as International Journal of Business and Economics - Oxford Development Studies - International Journal of Institution and Economies - Progress in Developing Studies - International Journal of Business and Management - South African Journal of Economics - African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation - International Journal of Educational Management & Development - African Journal of Marketing Managements - Journal of Economic Studies and Australian Economic Papers.
  • Ph.D. - Economics from UNU-MERIT, University of Maastricht - the Netherlands (2006)
  • M.Phil. - Economics from University of Ghana- Ghana (1998)
  • B.Sc. - Statistics and Mathematics from Kenyatta University- Kenya (1994)
Teaching Areas
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Money and Banking
  • Research Methods (including advanced)
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Quantitative Methods for Business
  • Production and Services Operations Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Advanced Analytical tools for decision making
  • Internship supervision and examination
  • Industrial project supervision
  • PhD Supervision
Work Experience
  • Industry - 10 years (prior to my teaching career)
  • From 2007/2008 academic year to the present (at the University of Dubai)
  • GLOBELICS (an open network of scholars)
  • African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)
  • African Finance and Economic Association (AFEA)
  • American Economic Association (AEA)
  • Econometric Society
His research interest includes:
  • Innovation Management (Governance)
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Technology Transfer (Technological Spillovers)
  • Capability Development (learning and technological upgrading in traditional industries)
  • Competitiveness and Catching Up (Developing/Emerging Economies)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Human capital development (Education Management)
  • Globalization (Global Value Chain)
  • Econometric Modeling (Time Series Analysis)
Refereed Journals
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  • Mohamed Osman, Ariful Hoque & Geoffrey Gachino, (2018) "Structural Breaks and Energy Consumption in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: Are Random Shocks Transitory or Permanent?Australian Economic Papers, Vol.. 57(4), pp. 446-455. (ABDC: B)
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  • Gachino, G. and Mworia, B. (2008) Bagasse Based Cogeneration Participation study in Kenya Household Module. AFREPREN/FWD.
  • Gachino, G. and Mworia, B. (2008) Bagasse Based Cogeneration Participation study in Kenya Business Module. AFREPREN/FWD.
  • Gachino, G. (2006) Foreign Direct Investment, Spillovers and Innovation: The Case of Kenyan Manufacturing Industry (Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis: United Nations University & University of Maastricht, UNU-MERIT Doctoral Program).
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  • UNU-MERIT (2004) Designing a Policy-Relevant Innovation Survey for NEPAD: A Study Prepared by UNU-MERIT. A conceptual framework and methodology for conducting       innovation system surveys for African Countries under the science and technology group of NEPAD program.
  • Rasiah, R. and Gachino, G. (2004) Productivity, Export and Technological Differences in Kenya, in: Rasiah. R (Ed) Foreign Firms, Technological Capabilities and Economic Performance: Evidence from Africa, Asia and Latin America, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
Work on Progress (for Publications in Refereed Journal)
  • Geoffrey, G. and Konstandina, M. S. (2022) foreign direct investment and economic growth in the middle east: does long run relationship exist in the GCC countries. In ProgressGachino, G. (2022) Willingness to join regional Economic Integration: Evidence Based on the East African Region. In progress.Fatima Alhosani and Geoffrey Gachino (2022). The impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Performance in Abu Dhabi. The mediating role of innovation and the moderating role of competitive advantage. In progress. Fatima Alhosani and Geoffrey Gachino (2022). Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility in AUE: Firm-Level Evidence from Abu Dhabi. In progress.