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University of Dubai and Its Successful Alumni Mentorship Journey

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University of Dubai and Its Successful Alumni Mentorship Journey

The University of Dubai Alumni Association held its “9th closing ceremony” virtually for its Alumni-Student Mentoring Program (ASMP) to appreciate the mentors and mentees for their efforts in maintaining international standards and establishing credibility in the mentorship program at the University of Dubai (UD).

Usually, the Alumni Relations office organizes the event on campus and gathers all the mentors and mentees. However, for the first time this year due to the Corona pandemic, the department had organized a virtual closing ceremony which was attended by 32 participants through the Zoom Platform.

This Mentorship program helps students receive valuable advice and guidance as they transition from an academic world to a working environment. It also benefits the alumni as they receive a new leadership experience and gain the satisfaction of imparting insightful wisdom to the next generation.

During the closing ceremony, UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki highlighted the importance of developing a culture of mentorship among university students to enhance their professional and personal skills. “The mentorship program at the University of Dubai aims to capitalize on the students’ and institutions’ intellectual resources and inspire the leaders of the future,” he said.

As a mentor, Adnan Bin Abdulla Chairman and Founder at Etechan International Educational Technologies R&D said: “I am determined to share my knowledge, skills, and experience with university students and  help them progress both personally and professionally.” He added that mentoring is a mutual relationship between alumni and university students. “Therefore, we at the University of Dubai shall continue with this program to emphasize students’ professional growth throughout their learning and working journeys,” he said.

Muna Ahmad Khamis who is a Financial Expert and mentor in this program said that she is honored to be part of the University of Dubai’s mentoring program. She added that it has been a privilege to work with ambitious students who are determined to attain knowledge and experience from their fellow alumni. “I believe that gaining valuable insights from more experienced people can help mentees perform better while pursuing their university-level studies,” she said.

The mentee Abdulrahman Saleh AlAbdouli BSc – Concentration in Communication Engineering at UD said: “I learned a lot from my mentors, especially that they are experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen.” He added: “I learned good communication and leadership skills through real-life cases involving managerial concerns, performance evaluations, and conflict of interests.”

Another student and mentee at UD Maitha Ahmad BSc – Concentration in Communication Engineering, stated that she was able to identify numerous personal life goals through mentoring. “My mentors were not consultants or teachers, rather they were offering me genuine insights and support to discover my own way of thinking, plan and implement new professional techniques for a better career and balanced life in the future,” she said.

The ASMP, which was launched in May 2009, is an initiative created by the Internship and Career Development Center (ICDC) at the University of Dubai in collaboration with the UD Alumni Association. Since its launching in 2009, around 141 mentors and 167 mentees had joined the program.

According to many resources, the concept of mentoring has appeared in Ancient Creek culture dating back around 3,000 years. This concept aims at guiding and utilizing the powers of young generations to help them discover their true potential and talents as well as unleash their creativity.