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University of Dubai Announces Full and Partial Scholarships for Its Masters in Data Science Program

UD Offers 15 Full and Partial Scholarships for New Applicants

University of Dubai Announces Full and Partial Scholarships for Its Masters in Data Science Program

The College of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Dubai (CEIT- UD) has launched its full and partial scholarships for new students who wish to enroll in the Master’s program in Data Science, which is one of the latest programs offered by the University. This specialization was designed in line with the UAE’s directions towards digital transformation and the expansion of artificial intelligence applications.

Interested students can apply by calling the free number 800863 which links applicants with the Registrations Department team who will introduce the various programs offered by the University on the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki said that “Data Science has become nowadays one of the most important specializations required in the private and public sectors.” He also highlighted the importance of introducing full scholarships to launch the new masters program which aims at utilizing modern and advanced technology to enhance the scientific and academic research at the University. “This comes in line with UD’s vision and strategic plans, which in turn are aligned with the next fifty-year plan set by the wise leaders of the UAE to meet the needs of the future labor market,” he said. He added that the main aim of this program is to enable graduates to keep up with the digital transformation in the business world. He pointed out that many experts refer to Data Science as “the oil of the twenty-first century” to highlight its importance and scientific value in our lives. “This new master’s program, which is accredited by the Ministry of Education in the UAE, was designed to provide students with future skills such as creativity, innovation and craftsmanship in the field of data analysis and the broader field of computing,” he added.

Dr. Saad Ali Amin, Head of the Information Technology Department at CEIT, said that the Master’s Program in Data Science, which was launched by the University last October, is beneficial in many vital areas and contributes to the development and enhancement of various fields such as agriculture, commerce, education, health, energy, etc., through data analysis. “This program also supports the National Space Strategy 2030, and helps achieve the UAE’s vision in the field of space industry with its multiple technologies, applications and services,” he added.

He also reaffirmed that the newly introduced program is designed to provide University graduates with the necessary skills for data modeling and analysis using algorithms and data-based computing programs, noting that the specialization is unique because it blends international standards and allocates local needs to help students apply their analytical skills and research capabilities. He said that UD graduates will be armed with the knowledge and skills required in the private and government sectors, and will be able to demonstrate an understanding of statistical analysis and automated decision-making processes by making use of big data management and machine learning techniques. This serves students on personal, technical, practical and applied levels, and therefore the University students will be ready to seize the distinguished career opportunities in the most prominent local and international companies. “The program contains a strong and effective curriculum based on practical and hands-on experience using information technology facilities and laboratories, in addition to the University’s research centers,” he added.

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