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University of Dubai Participates in Sponsoring the 6th Expo Sciences Asia 2022

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University of Dubai Participates in Sponsoring the 6th Expo Sciences Asia 2022

As a technical sponsor, the University of Dubai (UD) participated at the 6th edition of Milset Expo-Sciences Asia 2022 (ESA 2022)  which was hosted in the UAE for the first time. The event took place at The Cultural and Scientific Association, Dubai.

Under the theme “Where Bright Minds Meet,” Expo-Science Asia 2022 is the largest event in the UAE focusing exclusively on the scientific creativity of young aspirant scientists from all over the world. ESA, which is an initiative of the Asia office of the International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET), aims to develop a scientific culture among young people through the organization of science-and-technology programs.

More than 450 participants from youth science clubs and centers from 30 countries, including 16 Asian countries, 7 European countries, 4 Latin American countries and 3 African countries, participated in the forum and exhibitions, during which they presented their creative ideas and innovative projects.

Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai and the Emirates Science Club, emphasized that the forum focuses on the scientific creativity of young aspiring scientists from all over the world and aims to shed light on the efforts of young people, teachers, and leaders.

“We at the University of Dubai are determined to provide future scientists with advanced technologies and digital tools to enhance their personal and business skills, motivate them to innovate, and help them discover their passion,” he said.

He added that this significant event helps institutions with similar goals establish relationships with each other by developing scientific, technical and social projects as well as by exchanging ideas and creating solutions for the benefit of the industry.

“Our presence as an education institution is significant at such events that aim to showcase youngsters innovative ideas, promote a multicultural scientific environment, and create the space for experience and good practices to be shared so as to achieve higher-standard scientific activities,” Dr. Al Bastaki added.

Registered and submitted projects covered the following fields and categories: Basic sciences, including biology, chemistry, mathematics, energy and transportation, physics and astronomy, agriculture and biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence, space science, and the Internet of things.

Activities during the conference included more than 200 presentations of scientific projects, a youth conference entitled “Our Future in Space”, a leaders’ conference, scientific workshops in various sciences of technology, student seminars, expert dialogue sessions from NASA and many others.

It is noteworthy that Expo-Sciences Asia is an event that takes place every two years for about a week, and includes five days, during which an exhibition is open to the public. The first forum was organized in 2010 in Kuwait and was welcomed by the young scientific communities. It marked the beginning of a successful series of Asian scientific forums that were held in Asian countries, reaching its sixth edition this year in Dubai.