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University of Dubai Virtually Welcomes Students for 2020-2021


University of Dubai Virtually Welcomes Students for 2020-2021

The Department of Students Services at the University of Dubai (DSS-UD) held its first virtual Orientation for Spring 2020- 2021 to get students prepared for university life. This event provides new students with the opportunity to meet and engage with existing students as well as exchange their knowledge and experiences.

The event was attended by new students in addition to UD President Dr. Eesa Al Bastaki, provost, deans, program directors, student body representatives, staff, and faculty members. Dr. Al Bastaki who delivered the welcome speech advised students to take full advantage of university experience and learn how to absorb and retain information. “Our core goal is to guide students toward the right path of gaining knowledge and achieving academic excellence while getting involved in extracurricular activities that would nourish their experience at UD,” he added.

The Orientation started with an introductory speech by the Acting Director of DSS Mr. Haitham Al Maaini who spoke about the responsibilities and duties of top management and their role in facilitating a successful journey for new students at UD. “The Orientation Program is an essential event that occurs at the beginning of each semester. It is a great event to connect the freshmen with each other and introduce them to the faculty members and staff,” he said. He added that the department has received positive feedback from the freshmen who were excited to start their journey at the University of Dubai.

During the event, UD alumnus Ahmad Elatik shared his experience and story of success with the attendees to motivate new students to work hard on achieving their goals. Other existing students delivered informative speeches to direct new students and provide them with the set of guidelines, rules and regulations that are applied at the University.

An online survey and a raffle draw were conducted to refresh students’ knowledge about the presentations delivered during the event and grant winners cash prizes and vouchers.