Student Activities Prove UD’s keenness on Attaining Happiness and Creativity


The Department of Student Services at the University of Dubai (DSS-UD) organizes a wide range of recreational, educational and outreach activities that contribute to providing a happy, positive, and creative environment and developing students’ time management, inter- and intra-personal and teamwork skills.

Year after year, the department plans numerous entertaining and informative events that receive students’ attention and support such as the trip to “Go-Karting” at Dubai Autodrome, Motor City, which was organized to motivate students to improve their grades and boost their performance.

Activities are not confined to internal and external events, but also include sports initiatives. In fact, DSS has recently formed the first UD Soccer Team which will have the opportunity to participate in the Higher Education Sports Federation Tournament.

In order to guide the new students and prepare them for university life, DSS also prepares a welcome, orientation program under the name of “Bedayat.” The event marks the beginning of freshmen’s intellectual and academic journey at UD. Last semester’s orientation, for instance, included a trip to «Ski Dubai» at the Mall of the Emirates, followed by a dinner and raffle draw on valuable prizes at UD’s campus.

In addition, DSS holds continuous advanced “Field Training” sessions within which it devotes its resources and staff to instruct students and provide them with keys skills to successful work in future.

In light of creating a comfortable, friendly, and interactive environment for students, UD has recently launched two initiatives to promote walking and reading and announced the opening of its “Recreation Center.” Recreation center is an entertaining and stress-relieving area that combines all fun elements under one ceiling.

In terms of fostering motivation at all levels, DSS appreciates and honors the efforts of dedicated students by organizing “Annual Student Life Award Ceremony” and “Honor Students Event Protocol.” Through these events, the department distributes trophies and certificates to nominated students who have successfully participated in organizing university activities and candidates who have managed to maintain high GPAs over a stated period of time.

Not only UD departments, but also UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki is keen to provide high quality education at the university and strengthen its leading position as one of the top universities, both regionally and internationally. Therefore, he prepared a private, open discussion with UD students to listen to their complains and know them closely.

During a private interview, Dr. Bastaki lauded the great achievements and accomplishments of DSS and reaffirmed the significant role of each and every department, staff, faculty member, and student in entrenching the values of openness to diversity, sustainability, and positivity.

Commenting on the list of forthcoming events, Director of DSS Ms. Amina El Marzak said: “We are looking forward to providing more innovative ideas and activities to meet the needs and wants of our culturally diverse students. We have to invest in our students’ potentials because we believe in their capabilities to shape the UAE’s future.”

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