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Debate Club – Congratulations!!!

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Debate Club – Congratulations!!!

In February, members of UD’s Debate Club participated in the AUDMUN 2021 conference. This conference is a simulation of the United Nations in the form of a weekend-long event that puts students from various local universities into scenarios that represent the organizations directly or indirectly linked to the United Nations. Delegates that participated were able to showcase their communication, critical thinking, leadership and  teamwork skills while engaging in current global issues. During the AUDMUN 2021 conference, UD’s Debate Club and its members were awarded the following awards:

1. Best Orator (silver) Rubalavanyan Vamadeva.

2. Honorable Mention (bronze): Shehanaz Amiroon

3. The Best Committee Award: Mohamed Ahmed

4. Best Small Delegation: University of Dubai